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Emile Francais 1939 No.10

Rare violin by Emile Francais decorated by Andre Margat representing an angel standing on a dragon and playing a lyre.

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Riccardo Pietro dated 1846

Good Italian student violin.

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Duncan Emck, copy of Vieuxtemps Guarnerius del Gesu made in France in 1914

Contemporary violin with a great sound at a reasonable price.

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Neapolitan violin circa 1915

School of Giovanni Pistucci Naples circa 1915. Currently at a very reasonable price.

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Luigi castellani, Florence 1880

Very good sounding violin in excellent condition. Luigi Castellani was associated as of 1866 with Giuseppe Scarampella who was himself curator of the museum of the Florence conservatory.

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Rene Simon dated Auch, France 1903

Rene Simon worked for Nicolas Vuillaume for 10 years.
Violin with narrow neck for small hand.

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Jean Baptiste Vuillaume violin dated 1858

Exceptional and rare violin in mint condition, Stradivarius model, ex Jacques Thibaud with certificate from Jean-Jacques Rampal in Paris.
Warm and powerful sound.
Definitely a concert violin. and a fantastic investment.

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Emile Laurent, Paris 1930

Violin ca 1926, in mint condition and with an excellent sound, modeled after Johannes Baptista Guadagnini.

Emile laurent was born in Mirecourt in 1875 and died in Paris in 1941. He worked from 1894 to 1896 with Pierre Blanchard in Lyon from 1897 to 1902 with Emile Germain, then at Caressa et Francais till 1908. He was at the head of the Lyon & Healy workshop in Chicago from 1908 to 1912. He came back to France and worked in Bordeaux till 1925 and Paris till his death.

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Emile Francais Paris 1944 No.34

.Replica of Antonio Stradivarius 1720, "King Ludwig II of Bavaria"

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R & M. Millant Paris 1946

Fine violin in excellent condition. Powerful and brillant sound.

The Millant brothers are wellknown makers, established in Paris since 1923. Their are known for their impecable workmanship and fine varnish. In 1949 Max Millant won first price and a silver medal for a quartet presented at the a competition held in Cremona and the same year another first price for the same quartet presented in La Haye at an international competition.

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Ignino Sderci Florence 1940

20th cent. Italian violin in excellent condition with a powerful clear and even sound.

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Violin Bows


Benoit Fleury ca 1786

Good sounding viola with a very attractive warm sound. Size: 40.6cm

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De Luccia ca 1980

20th century viola in excellent condition. Size 42cm

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Viola Bows


Cello Bows

more Instruments

more Bows

Antique and contemporary bows: 2018 listing

2019 Listing
Charles Peccatte, F.N Voirin, Eugene Sartory, Nicolas Simon, Jules Fetique, Joseph Arthur Vigneron, made for Gand & Bernardel in 1888 (ex collection Emile Franšais and Bernard Millant, Ferret Marcotte, Charles Nicolas Bazin made for Joseph Hel circa 1890 (ex collection Bernard Millant) All the French bows are rare, in excellent condition and produce a high quality sound.
German violin bows such as Otto Hoyer Pariser, Herrman Prell. Both worked for Eugene Sartory. H.R Pfretzschner, Ebony and Gold mounted ,circa 1890.
Contemporary bows such as Stephane Thomachot can be commissioned. However, a period of 6 to 8 months is needed. Please inquire.

Viola Bows such as Victor Fetique, Morizot Freres, Barjonnet.

Cellos bows such as A. Lamy, H.R Pfretzschner made for Silvestre et Maucotel.

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